Why DSP?

Would you get married in jeans? Play squash in a suit?

Then why settle for a guy with a camera when what you really need is a creative photographer?

There are those who enjoy pushing the envelope. Others are meticulously trained but never venture too far
from what's safe and all-too-common. David's background in both the artistic and the technical allow him to
bridge this gap and deliver work that exactly meets your expectations while, at the same time, surprising with sheer coolness and innovation.

David tunes himself into your audience, looking after all of the little details that you didn't even realize were
important. Then, after experiencing his craft, you'll find his approach was what you were looking for along.

Who is David?

Born in Indonesia, raised in Australia, and now living in Canada, David has been thrilling clients since 1986. On top of his love of all
things photographic, he's a true home theatre aficionado and a lover of nature. Some of his most groundbreaking concepts were born
while late-night driving along the back roads of Markham, Ontario. Other interests include psychology, competitive rowing, and chicken
wings. He possesses an uncanny grasp of consumer psychology and is often hired as a consultant for companies requiring a marketing makeover.

The "sought after" list

Since 1986, David Susilo has worked for and collaborated with various parties around the world offering quality services in the area of photography, video production, music production, marketing, publicity, education and project-management. The list is as follows:

Black Box
British Council
Digital Audio System
Double-R Records
Lembaga Indonesia Amerika
Sandoz Biochemie Pharma
Sony Music
Trisakti University
Unika Atma Jaya
Universal Music
Yamaha Musik Indonesia
New Norcia Catholic College
Newman College
Northside Music
Peepshow Productions
Yamaha Music Australia PTY LTD
Best Buy Canada
CC Entertainment
De Angelis Entertainment
Excel Music
E-Bag Visual Communications
Film Sound One
Frame Blender
Harvard University
Kiwi House Studios
Landak Media
Media Replication Services
MRS (a division of Mackenzie Financial)
Paramount Parks
Radio Shack
The Source CC
Universal Music
Yamaha Canada Music Limited
88 Keys